Sky Blue Trades

   I lived in a nest that floated at sea.  Wind and waves were calm around me.  I clung to tiny branches at the top of great trees, my small hands sticky with sap. In a wood, dark and deep, with paths that seemed to stretch for miles, I ran on barefoot adventures.  Through my window at night came the sound of laughter and a barking dog, the rhythmic sound of insects. The night breeze stirred the shade darkening my room. It sounded like water lapping against the hull of a ship and lulled me to sleep. There were kingdoms where I walked in deep snow, up to my waist. Dark hemlocks disappeared in haze above a rushing ravine near a lodge made of logs. A great stone hearth held an open fire with birch logs ablaze and crackling. All was a great mystery and adventure, full of song and sky blue trades.